PS4 Gets Another Indie Title VizionEck, Debut Trailer Inside

Indie game studio VizionEck has announced a first person shooter going by the name of the studio for the Playstation 4.

Michael Armbrust, founder of VizionEck, described the game as ‘technically’ a first person shooter but with very little similarities to the traditional first person shooters. Going through the game’s mechanics, it has absolutely nothing to do with First Person Shooters, in fact it should’nt even be referred as a FPS but as a Puzzler.

You control a cube called the Ranger in an arena with other, possibly player controlled, Rangers. You have to place cubes on top of your ranger which act as shield when other Rangers attack it.

In the trailer we get a glimpse of a ‘Ranger Battle’ where one Ranger takes out another, the developer hasn’t been very forthcoming with the core gameplay but the battle looked like it was automated, which further supports that VizionEck is a turn-based-strategy game where the player has to take out the rival in a set number of moves.

An interesting twist in the game is that the lower your Ranger’s health is, the less likely you are to be attacked by a enemy Ranger with more health than you.

There is not much information on VizionEck yet except that the game will release exclusively on the Playstation 4.