Nintendo Apologises For Not Adding Same-Sex Marriage in Tomodachi Life

Following up to the fan’s reaction towards Nintendo’s unreleased 3DS title Tomodachi Life, Nintendo issued an apology for not including same-sex marriage in the game.

But, the company held its ground by explaining that they cannot add the ‘feature’ to the game in a patch since it requires a major change in the game’s design. Though Nintendo promised to add same-sex marriage if they make a sequel to Tomodachi Life.

The issue started when one gay user Tye Marini found out he couldn’t marry a male player in the game without changing his gender, Nintendo denied ‘fixing’ the issue when fans approached them which forced Marini to take it to the social networks to get more support. He launched the campaign #Miiquality, which lasted for a month until today.

Tomodachi Life is a life simulator where players create avatars called Mii(s) and live on an island inhabited by other player Miis. Players in the game could form relationships, do daily activities as well as participate in group activities.

The game has been available in japan for a year now as Tomodachi Collection: New Life, based on it’s success in japan, the game will be launching in North America and Europe on June 6th.