Madden NFL 25 Gets All First Round NFL Draft Picks For MUT

EA Sports has announced that all the first round selections made during the 2014 NFL would be available to play in Madden NFL 25 as part of the Ultimate Team, a feature much like the Ultimate Team mode in FIFA.

While the drafts were being announced for viewers sitting at home, the folks over at EA, including Joe Alread, an Associate Producer for Madden were busy inserting all the draftees into card packs for the Ultimate Team feature inside the game to give players their first chance to play with the newly drafted.

Fans will also soon be able to play with highly rated versions of previously rookie players in Ultimate Team mode. According to EA, each All-Pro pack in MUT is guaranteed to have at least one draft-related item in it.

Following the release of FIFA Ultimate Team mode, which turned out to be a huge cash cow for EA, the company had announced the same mode for Madden games. The result of which turned out to be a 90% increase in revenue for the game in the past year compared to previous years.

While there have been cards for new draftees in the past, the 2014 NFL Draft marks the first time that EA has rolled out Madden Ultimate Team Cards for the entire cast of first round draftees.