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Killing Floor 2 Developers Talk About The Most Advanced Gore System Ever

In a recent exclusive interview with the team of Tripwire games, PC Gamer got some more insight into the upcoming Killing Floor 2.

The studio which is known for doing a wonder while understaffed or on a low budget is hard at work bringing to life the sequel to the 2009 co-op wave-based horror shooter.

Since the launch of Red Orchestra 2 in 2011, company has been working on making every severed limb, exploding brain to look unique. Bill Munk, creative director and senior animator at Tripwire, has a saying: Red Orchestra is realism. Killing Floor is coolism.

According to Munk, the formula for making a successful wave-based shooter is simple; replayability should be as much fun as possible.

There is only so much you can do in such a shooter; you see something, which doesn’t look right you kill it, you earn money with which you get better weapons, and you kill that sort of thing again with the new weapons.

Repeating this over and over again shouldn’t feel like a chore.

Unlike the previous game, the developers had a reasonable budget this time which resulted in making everything look as good as possible.

The gun animations, the melee attacks everything is mocapped to look cool. In fact, many of the guns used in the game are modeled from Tripwire’s President John Gibson’s personal gun collection.

Bullets, blades and blood are the holy trinity of Killing Floor 2, and they each get their equal share in the game. Tripwire calls KF2’s gore system MEAT. Massive Evisceration and Trauma.

“When we started designing the game we decided gore was going to be the most important feature,” says David Hensley, art director on Killing Floor 2.

Each Zed in the game has 19 points of dismemberment and 95 death animations.

Source: PC Gamer