Halo 5 Spotted In The Xbox One Trailer, Expect More At E3

Halo 5 is becoming a hot topic as we draw near to the biggest event in gaming this year.

The Xbox One trailer which you can see above, was released by Microsoft to show the beautiful design and UI of their next-gen console but if you look at the video closely at :51, you will notice a name Pit Bear, who played “Halo 5 – Infinity Slayer on Haven”.

If you have played Halo 4 then you must know that there was map called “Haven” in the game, which might be making its way back to the franchise in Halo 5.

Previously, Microsoft had promised the fans that their Halo Journey will start in 2014 but it is still uncertain what they are brewing in their studios.

Also, there are rumors about Halo 2: Anniversary Edition in development as well for 2014 but there is no chance that we will see both of the games in the series releasing in the same year.

Halo has been the flagship franchise for Microsoft and played a key role in the success of Xbox 360. Microsoft is just behind Sony in terms of overall sales and next game in the Halo series might just be the catalyst that removes that sales difference.

So far, we can confirm that Halo will be present at this year’s E3 but will it be the Halo 2: Anniversary Edition or Halo 5? That we will find out at E3 next month.