Half Life 2 Coming to Nvidia Shield, Most Probably

David Ruddock, editor at Android police, received an interesting package today. A Green crowbar, the official color of nVidia, with the words ‘What would Gordon do?” and Half Life 2, nVidia Shield logos inscribed on it’s sides.

The color, note and logos are obvious enough; Half Life 2 is coming on the Nvidia Shield.

This will be the second Valve game to release on the Shield, Valve is already at work on a full port of their critically acclaimed first-person-puzzler Portal. Half Life 2 will be a very ambitious port since it features a complex story with engaging characters and unexpected twists.

With source engine running on android, the announcement was meant to happen and Valve fans can hope for more Valve titles releasing on the Shield. Other Source Engine titles like Counter Strike, Left 4 Dead and Team Fortress 2 might release on the shield if we wish or spam the forums hard enough.

For the time being there are no details about Half Life 2’s port on the Shield save or the confirmation of its release on the handheld device. If you don’t own Nvidia Shield, now probably would be the best time to purchase it.