H1Z1 Early Access Might Be Delayed, Developer Talks Additional Features

If you thought the promises made by SOE President John Smedley about the early access of H1Z1 launching before the end of May sounded too good to be true, then you were probably on the right track.

The possibility that players may not get to experience SOE’s H1Z1 before E3 is disturbing for eager fans, however the pain is sort of numbed by the new information from developer Adam Clegg.

Hosts of Podcast Zero, a weekly video podcast by famous Twitch.tv personalities regarding H1Z1, were joined by Adam, who revealed his uncertainty about when the game would be available on Steam for early access.

Adam did confirm that the studio plans to showcase the game at E3, which means that a playable judge’s demo needs to be ready before the first week of June, which means there is a slight possibility game will appear on the Early Access page of Steam by the end of this month.

Other things discussed in the pod cast included details that zombies will be attracted to heat sources, which don’t just mean fires. Anything with a large enough heat signature will attract the zombies; this can potentially be used to distract them away from certain areas.

SOE is also considering giving players the ability to sabotage non player creations like blow up gas stations. This functionality isn’t guaranteed though and will most definitely not be in the Early Access.

Adam also confirmed that SOE is open to including large scale player coordinated events befitting the H1Z1 lore, much like the EVE Online battles.

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