Expedition DLC for Titanfall on Xbox 360 Delayed Until June

Respawn has revealed that Titanfall on the Xbox 360 won’t be getting Expedition, the first map pack for the game until June, however, the PC and Xbox One version will launch on its scheduled date.

Posting on their official site, Respawn studio has announced that the release of the map pack on the 360 will come be delayed so that the team can get more time to finish the map pack, the same reason why the Xbox 360 version took longer to release.

They added that the studio is currently working on new additions and improvements which will be launching on the Xbox One and PC version of Titanfall, once they’re done they will work on the Expedition map pack for the Xbox 360 version.

The studio is also working alongside Bluepoint Games, the studio handling the Xbox 360 version of Titanfall, to reduce the gap seen between the Xbox One/PC and Xbox 360 updates and soon enough the Xbox 360 will be getting updates with shorter gaps between the Xbox One/PC versions of the game.

Bluepoint Games is currently working on introducing the new changes added to the Xbox One version as well as working on the Expedition pack, to release the changes soon, Respawn had them split the update so some of the most requested changes would be available to the players faster.

Expedition is the first of three DLC packs announced for Titanfall which includes three new maps: Runoff, Swamplands and Wargames, the pack will release on the Xbox One and PC in May whilst the Xbox 360 will get it in June. Respawn has also promised more free updates to the game that will introduce new game modes alongwith improvements to the game.