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DICE Starting New Servers to Address Battlefield 4 Issues

DICE has announced new servers which they plan to use as a ‘community test environment’ and are inviting ‘passionate fans’ a chance to be a part of the development process by providing feedback to aid in the further development of Battlefield 4.

The first issue to be tackled in the new Community Test Environment servers will be the game’s Netcode, the system which registers player-to-player interactions like damage; The netcode has been one of the most talked about issue on Battlelog and other forum sites.

With the CTE servers, DICE plans on fixing different issues in the game, with a direct access to players, this could actually work. The CTE servers are currently available to the PC version of Battlefield 4 only, DICE intends on adding console support if the PC program proves successful.

The CTE servers can be accessed by Premium members only, they are required to download a separate game client which then connects to the CTE Servers, a separate infrastructure with its own Battlelog version made for the community program.

For now, only a limited number of Battlefield 4 premium members can opt-in to the program, DICE will expand the player base once they’re done testing the new program.

Instructions on opting into the program can be found on the official BattleLog entry.