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Battlefield 4 To Get Community Test Environment Program

Battlefield 4, a great game with some really ground breaking multiplayer modes is not doing great among the fans due to the number of bugs that it is facing.

Even after 7 months of the game’s release, problems still persist in the Battlefield 4. DICE is working hard to fix these problems with a number of patches, but the bugs keep piling up.

Now the developer has decided to really take a stand against these issues, and they want to involve the fans into the process as well.

DICE wrote on the official Battlefield Blog:

The Community Test Environment (CTE) will provide passionate fans the chance to evolve Battlefield 4 with us and become a part of the development process. We’ll be able to test new ideas and solutions to current issues before we roll them out to all Battlefield players.

This new program will let players test the latest patches and based on the feedback the developer receives from those players, more tweaks will be introduced to improve the experience of the game.

By launching this new program, not only will we be able to address player feedback at an early stage, but also increase the overall quality of the game. We are excited to explore the possibilities together with you.

This new program is available to the premium subscribers of Battlefield 4 only on PC.

To participate, you have to do the following:

Players will have to download a separate game client, then connect to an infrastructure and Battlelog version solely set up for testing purposes.

  • Visit
  • Read and accept the Terms of Service and Agreement
  • Log into Origin with your existing account username and password (your account must have Premium activated in order to proceed)
  • Start Origin and download the new Battlefield 4 CTE game client that now should be visible
  • Install the Battlelog browser plugin
  • Get familiar with the guidelines by visiting the Forums on

Will you be participating in the CTE of Battlefield 4?