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Unreal Tournament 2014, Something More Than Just Free-to-Play

Epic Games’ Co-Founder Mark Rein had tweeted that a new Unreal Tournament title was in the works.

Now, Epic Games has announced that the title is indeed happening and will remain in the works indefinitely. Co-Developed by the Unreal Engine 4 development community, Epic Games plans on making the new Unreal Title not just free to play but ‘free’

The new Unreal Tournament title will be a ‘crowdsourced development title with Epic Games providing the base game and the Unreal Engine 4 subscribers serving as the game’s main content creators.

This explains Paul Meegan, VP of Product Development tweet “UE4 Dev Community + Epic. The future of Unreal Tournament” posted after the initial announcement.

Not only is Epic making the game open to the public, the creators can also sell their content a part of the sale will go to Epic to pay for the game.

Project Lead Steve Polge told IGN that the game will be an ongoing project with Epic working closely with the community developers to decide what to add to the core game as well as allowing their own custom content.

The new Unreal Tournament wont be seeing release anytime soon but once the Alpha version is ready, it will be available to the public. Epic games encourages feedback for the future title both from development oriented and non-development oriented community.