Sunset Overdrive New Details Surface Courtesy of Edge Magazine

If you’re keeping an eye on Insomniac Games’ and Microsoft’s open-world third-person shooter, then you probably don’t want to miss the next issue of Edge Magazine.

The latest issue of Edge Magazine has published a 14-page long feature on Sunset Overdrive disclosing novel information on the game’s story and some gameplay tidbits.

The game is set in Sunset City and revolves around a fizzy drink company, Fizzco which introduces a new energy drink – OverCharge Delirium XT – in the market. Now, prior to its public release, everyone is invited for a test-run of the drink at a party.

Well, not everyone, as our main protagonist is shown tending to the invitees of the party. While working, our main character is attacked by a zombie mutant and Fizzco sets out to help out the citizens by locking down the entire city. However, our character somehow gets stuck in the beautifully crafted city of Sunset.

It certainly doesn’t mean that our character will be alone in the city. After the outbreak of hostilities, the whole city gets divided into different factions, each with its own impenetrable fort. Throughout your journey; these characters will provide players with various side-quests. It’s totally upto players to make affiliations and adversaries.

However, the choices are not to this aspect of the game only as players will be able to create their very own character and have option of selecting gender and other attributes.

In addition to this, players can also craft AMPS which are your super-powers activated by OverCharge Delirium XT and earning Style Points. The Style Points hold true to their name as they are earned by killing zombies in a stylish manner and achieving higher combos.

The outfits of your characters will be physically simulated and you will often see wrinkles when they will move about the city. The city will be open for exploration as the players will be able to climb onto any wall, ledge, and rooftop. Furthermore, the game will also have a full day-night cycle.

That being said, the game certainly looks promising and I’m hopeful that Insomniac Games will treat their fans right. For more information on Sunset Overdrive, check the next issue of Edge Magazine.