Sony Gives $5 Vouchers to MLB 14 The Show Fans as Compensation

Sony posted an apology to the players who were unable to download MLB 14 The Show on its intended release date by awarding players a $5 voucher code for the PSN Wallet and a voucher code for 6000 stubs, the in-game currency, equal to $4.99.

MLB 14 the Show was scheduled to arrive on May 6th on Playstation Network for the Playstation 4, but due to technical difficulties the game wasn’t available for download, which ofcourse made many fans angry.

However, Later that day, the game was available for download with Sony and MLB The Show twitter accounts offering their sincere apology for the delay.

Sony emailed the vouchers to all fans who purchased the game. Many fans have been pleased by the gesture though their frustration early on wasn’t all that warranted given how the game was delayed by only a few hours rather days.