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President SOE Hypes H1Z1 Gameplay Features

If there is one thing, the developers love to do that is to create an insane amount of hype for an upcoming game. That is exactly what John Smedly, president of Sony Online Entertainment has been doing.

Seems like he recently tested the current state of the game and following that he has been flooding his twitter with different features of H1Z1, an upcoming MMO bye SOE set in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse.

Over hyping stuff from tree fall and rain to a variety of melee attacks might not be the best move at this point when the Early Access for the game is set to begin soon sometime in June.

Here are some of the tweets Smedly sent:

“Dividing up the body” and “shooting a guy’s legs out and having it collapse” now that is interesting and it could prove to be really helpful against other players as well as when facing against a horde of zombies and it becomes difficult to land head-shots in order to take them down.

The main goal of H1Z1 would be to survive in an apocalyptic world with the help of other players and teamwork rather than by the law of the jungle and a hostile PvP environment.

H1Z1 having been announced in April 2014 is set to be released in late 2014. A PS4 version is expected, but it will probably happen after the success of the PC release. Although free to play, the game will involve micro-payments.