Presence of The Order: 1886 at E3 2014 Confirmed by Andrea Pessino

Andrea Pessino, the co-founder of Ready At Dawn studios has confirmed that their upcoming title The Order: 1886 would be making an appearance at E3 2014. Originally announced on E3 2013, the PS4 exclusive action adventure title has everyone really excited since its reveal.

It still isn’t confirmed whether The Order: 1886 will be available as a playable format or just a new trailer or set of videos. Of course players have their fingers crossed for a playable demo where they will get to experience the alternate reality London of the game.

Microsoft and Sony are both pretty hush about the details regarding content which they will be showcasing on E3 2014. Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft Xbox Division however has revealed a bit of info that the event will be for hardcore gamers, new IPs and sequels will be announced. Recently they also revealed the timings of their event.

Sony on the other hand is all mysteriously silent and calm. It could be probably due to the fact that they have already made their mark on the latest console market and can now relax without focusing on the immediate future.

After the failed Xbox One reveal at E3 2013, this is perhaps the last chance for Microsoft to make sure that they can counter Sony’s PS4 and its wide popularity throughout the world.