Nintendo Patents a Handheld With Switchable Buttons, Seems Interesting

There were some rumors last week, which claimed that Nintendo is going to reveal a new hardware at this year’s E3 but the company slashed the rumors straight away by saying that they have no plans for any hardware reveal at the upcoming event.

However, a new filing from Nintendo indicates that there is something going on at the company but they don’t want to let any one know about it.

The developer has filed a new patent for the handheld, which will contain switchable buttons. This new patent was filed last year in October but the publishing was done almost a week ago.

As you can see from the diagrams below, it will feature four separate types of controls that are completely interchangeable.

Now, that means you will have the option of completely customizing your device as you please. You can have a stick at the place of D-pad or you can replace the four button face with the stick.

This patent filing sure looks exciting and hopefully more details on the switchable controls Handheld will be shared at this year’s E3 conference.

Would you like to have a handheld, where you will be able switch controls upon your convenience? Let us know!