Infinite Crisis Details Sinestro In Gameplay Trailer

Infinite Crisis has a new playable character, Sinestro, who gets a snazzy gameplay trailer explaining what makes the yellow warrior special. Comic book fans will know the name from the Green Lantern series, where Sinestro is the main antagonist.

Hell, Sinestro used to be a Green Lantern, before the allure of yellow fear hit. This caused the former mentor to turn over to the darker side, where Sinestro now leads an army.

As a passive skill, this character can mark enemy units. These marks allow core skills to do more damage.

One active ability is called Saw Blade and works in a line of effect. It’s a pretty straightforward hit.

Another, Dread Scythe, works in a cone of effect. Affected targets that are also bound to the passive impurity will additionally be silenced.

A third assault goes by the name of Cull the Weak and works as a dash blow. If Sinestro manages to kill an opposing player, the skill’s cooldown is also immediately reset.

Sinestro’s ultimate attack is Fear incarnate. This launches Parallax, the face of fear, towards opponents. Those inflicted will receive damage and get stunned.

Additionally, an area around the champion will trigger those inside to fear away from the target, as well as become bound to impurity. This ultimate strike can also be performed as an area attack, resulting in a wall with similar properties.

There are also some tips to survive with Sinestro in the trailer. It revolves around opportunism, as the warrior has high damage, but low health. It also mentions that Saw Blade is ineffective against drones and that Cull the Weak can be done to escape through objects.