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Goths Return in Sims 4 and Ilan Eshkeri Talks About Creating Realistic Sims Game Through Music

One thing that Maxis, the developers behind the highly successful Sims franchise has always appreciated is the role of music in breathing life into the whole Sims experience.

Often when your character turns on the radio, you get to hear an amusing ‘similish’ parody of some real life pop song.

The same process is happening again in Sims 4 for which the developers sought the expertise of soundtrack composer Ilan Eshkeri who has worked on movies like KickAss and Young Victoria.

While working at the Abbey Road recording studios with the London Metropolitan Orchestra and Maxis , Eshkeri goes through lengthy processes to create the music.

Instruments are constantly added in or removed to get the sound absolutely right for one simple action or emotion.

Sims 4 has a lot of work to do if it is to expand its fan base that has been with the franchise from the start.

The emotions expressed by the “smart sims” thanks to the new and advanced AI are an interesting thing to see. Something which makes the new sims seem more closer to real life human beings rather than artificial creations from the previous games.

The new sims will be more sociable than they were in previous titles.

“Just having a group conversation, being able to interact realistically and allow new sims into a conversation, to acknowledge them and respond… it sounds like a small thing but it’s never happened in the sims game,” says producer Graham Nordone.

Maxis has also announced the return of an old sims family which everyone loves. Yes the Goths are returning in Sims 4.

Sims 4 is scheduled to be released in Q3/Q4 2014 for PC and Mac.