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God of War: Ascension Headed to PlayStation 4? Maybe, Maybe Not

Shinobi602, who holds a great reputation in the gaming industry due to his accurate leaks, has tweeted that the famous PlayStation 3 title God of War: Ascension will be remade for the next-gen PS4.

Shinobi has been right about many of the rumors before and he clarifies that all the information that he gathers is from his sources and nothing from his own. However, he did not mention whether the game will only be releasing digitally on the PSN or the retail version will also be released.

God of War: Ascension was released for PlayStation 3 last year and featured the same third person hack and slash style of gameplay that has become the trademark for the series. However, many critics stated that this time story was not up to the series’ standards.

The game featured a multiplayer component as well, which was the first time any of the game in franchise has opted for the mode. It featured eight players, where they had to get the control of the map and then get rewarded by the gods for their deed.

So far, nothing has been confirmed by Sony but it is a big announcement so maybe they are keeping it for their conference at E3.

Would you like to play God of War: Ascension on your PlayStation 4?