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Banner Saga Publisher Brings Habitat To PC And Xbox One

Publisher Versus Evil has announced that it will team up with developer 4gency for their upcoming project, Habitat. They’ll bring the game to PC and Xbox One, currently planned for somewhere at the end of 2014.

Habitat is a space simulation unlike many others. In this game, you’re in charge of trying to collect debris floating around, to fashion it into a living environment.

This design of patchwork constructions will be supported with physics-based flight and combat as well, making for a strangely realistic experience. Pretty much anything can be tied together to make for weird abominations serving as, well, habitats.

Maybe it’s inspired a little by Kerbal Space Program, which allows for building just about any form of vessel as well, as long as it can be functional. If so, this game might be a bit tricky to learn the ropes.

Exploring the universe and finding new elements can also help towards research in tech trees. These unlock more abilities that diversify gameplay further on.

Habitat just recently managed to successfully fund a Kickstarter project. Last week, it raked in $64,154 of its needed goal of $50,000.

There will be two game modes in Habitat. One, a campaign, will have you try to save humanity from a nano-machine army. For a free experience, there will be a sandbox mode as well.

Previously, publisher Versus Evil also brought us The Banner Saga, another Kickstarter success story. It managed to do fairly well from that, so that’s good news for Habitat.