Warcraft Movie Producer Explains Why Studio Needs 2 Years For Post-Production

In a series of tweets, Duncan Jones, Director of the highly anticipated Warcraft movie, has estimated that the shooting phase of the movie will be ending next month.

The movie is scheduled to release in 2016, 2 whole years of post-production taking place between the shooting phase and premiering in theaters.

CraveOnline interviewed Legendary Pictures CEO and Producer of Warcraft movie Thomas Tull in which the producer explained why the movie has such a long post-production period.

Tull pointed at some of big titles coming in the next two years, he felt the movie needs to be able to hold its own next to these titles. He mentioned that some of the sequences and things Jones did in the movie are amazing and the studio needs time to do them right.

Photos from the set of Warcraft made their way online recently which confirmed the shooting was underway as well as gave the fans a taste of what to expect from the movie.

Speaking about the movie itself, Tull said the movie features a linear story but with Duncan Jones directing and writing, it won’t disappoint the fans.

Duncan Jones is known for writing/directing the sci-fi drama Moon and directing the sci-fi thriller Source Code, unlike the latter, Moon won Jones several awards and nominations.

Given his track record, one cant say that Tull’s belief in Jones is misplaced.