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There’s Not So Much Need For Speed In 2014

Publisher Electronic Arts (EA) mentioned that it will not have a new Need for Speed release this year. This would mark the first time in over a decade that the franchise skips a year.

In a conference call, Andrew Wilson of EA mentioned there will be no game during the fiscal year of 2015, stating:

Ghost Games in Gothenburg is working on an innovative new chapter of this storied franchise.

We’ve planned an extended development window to ensure we’re delivering a high-quality experience for Need for Speed players next year.

Recently, the Need for Speed iterations weren’t selling all that well. Despite a sizable marketing campaign for Xbox One and Playstation 4, Need for Speed Rivals quickly faded into anonymity.

Hell, Rivals copies received discounts up to half off their original price during their launch month, which wouldn’t indicate great sales. Prior to that, there was Need for Speed: The Run, which equally failed to muster any interest with its out-of-car gameplay elements.

Developer Ghost Games suffered a round of layoffs earlier this year, after Criterion founders Fiona Sperry and Alex Ward already abandoned ship. While Ghost Games was working on a new Need for Speed, that production was halted as well.

It’s rare for EA to take a break on its games, but it might be a rising trend in AAA development. Even big guns like Call of Duty are weighing in on letting go of yearly cycles, after consumer fatigue.

There can be something like quantity affecting quality after all.

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Source: Gamasutra.