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Steam Sim Towns Abandons Development Due To Low Sales

Unfinished Steam games have shown their first casualty, as developer Florian Frankenberger has announced that Towns will be abandoned. Previously, the Steam game already went through a transition, as Frankenberger was taking over from the original developer.

Now, the game will pull the plug completely. In a forum post, Florian Frankenberger states that money issues and the game not selling as expected lead them to pursue other venues, stating:

[sic] We are now selling less than a third of the x copies a month, loosing about 33% of sells per month.

To be completely honest, I can’t work for that little amount. I have to pay for the rent and food and this doesn’t really suffice for any of it.

Going further, the developers are thinking about putting their experience towards making a full-on Towns 2 sequel, rather than continuing with the failing project. This would allow them to implement everything they couldn’t get in the original simulation title anymore.

According to Gamasutra, Towns managed to sell 200,000 copies. It’s available through Steam for a price of €11.99.

Originally, Towns caught some flak for releasing a highly unfinished product on Steam, right before those games were able to go to Early Access, possibly sparking the new model altogether. It was also one of the very first few games to be approved through Steam Greenlight.

Now, it continues the trailblazing path by being one of the first games still needing completion to simply pack up shop. Since Steam recently also removed Early Access game Earth: Year 2066 and issued refunds, it has a precedent to do the same here, though that’s still uncertain.