Omega Quintet, A New JRPG From Compile Heart Studios Headed To PS4

Japanese game developers made their mark on the gaming industry by developing some really great JRPGs and now the demand for the genre is increasing all over the world.

PlayStation 3 enjoyed its fair share of exclusive JRPGs and now PS4 is getting its first one from Compile Heart studios.

Famitsu, the popular Japanese magazine has unveiled the first exclusive JRPG for the PlayStation 4 and it will be called Omega Quintet. It is set to launch on 18th of September in Japan with no mention of the western release.

Omega Quintet will focus on the idols which will be countering some mysterious power named “BEEP”.

The president of Sony Computer Entertainment Japan did tease that a number of JRPGs will be making their way to the PlayStation 4 in the future and Omega Quintet is the start of it.

No screenshots, video or concept art was shared, but we hope that more information on the project is unveiled at this year’s E3.

Sony has been lagging behind the Xbox One in terms of exclusives, and they have to work fast and efficiently to fill the exclusive quota for their console.

What do you think of the Compile Heart Studios? Do you think they will be able to develop a great JRPG?