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IDC Predicts Xbox One Can Lead PS4 in Sales in North America If Microsoft Unbundles Kinect

According to some leaked future predictions by International Data Corporation, Microsoft might be unbundling Kinect from Xbox One thereby decreasing its price in order to compete with Sony’s PS4.

Since the start of this current generation, Sony has been in lead with PS4 sales worldwide but that may however change soon. According to the findings which were leaked by Games Industry, IDC predicts PS4 will sell over 50 million units by 2016.

That is a very huge number indeed, but the findings also declare that Microsoft will be able to make up lost ground in North America after removing Kinect as a mandatory item sold with the console. However, Microsoft will have to make this move soon if they are to achieve this goal.

An excerpt from the report which can be read here states that “The presumed unbundling of Kinect and Xbox One, which should facilitate rough price parity between it and the PS4, should lead to a spike in Xbox One sales”

Of course, these are just predictions as Microsoft has gone on record in the past declaring they have no intentions of removing Kinect from the Xbox One bundle as it plays an integral part within the console and user interface.

Earlier this year, Michael Pachter also predicted that Microsoft might be making Kinect optional with Xbox One sometime around 2015.