Halo Mash-Up Pack Teased for Minecraft on Xbox 360

Seems Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition will be getting a new DLC themed on the console’s flagship title Halo.

Halo Waypoint, the official twitter account for the Halo Series tweeted a picture of a Minecraft character with a Masterchief Skin standing in front of a computer panel, at the far back we see a fading tall structure that hints that the screenshot was taken on the Ringworld itself.

The twitter captioned the screenshot with a “Yes. It’s happening” confirming the DLC for the game.

There are no details about the DLC as of now, the Halo DLC for Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition will be the third Mash-up DLC pack with Skyrim and Mass Effect DLC packs.

The previous packs contain themed textures, skins, sounds, songs, menus as well as pre-made worlds. Both Mash-up packs have been priced at $3.99/£2.69/€3.79 so the Halo Mash-up DLC Pack wont be far off from that price point.

Earlier, 4J studio, developers of the Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition confirmed they’ll be making more Mash-up packs for the game.

4J studio also said they will consider making packs based on the community’s demand, among the most-requested packs the Skyrim, Halo, Call of Duty, Star Wars and Borderlands were the top five most-requested packs.