GTA Online High Life Update Coming Next Week With New Apartments, Cars and Non-Contact Mode

GTA Online High Life Update will finally make its way to your consoles come next week. It will allow players to own multiple strongholds as well as purchase new high-end apartments at Los Santos’ prime locations like Richards Majestic, Eclipse Towers.

That’s not it, these apartments will come with fresh interior designs, which should make them even more plausible.

High Life Update also adds three new cars and a motorcycle – sports Dewbauchee Massacro, super car Pegassi Zentorno, SUV Enus Huntley S and Dinka Thrust motorcycle will be available to purchase at the Legendary Motorsport in GTA Online, which can be accessed both in single player and multiplayer from the garage.

A new racing mode “Non-Contact” will also be available to choose, which allows the players to play normal racing missions, but with the collision between participating racers disabled to prevent any player from using unfair means to win the race.

The racers’ cars will appear transparent to the player, the mode only affects participating racers so the traffic and environment can still affect the player if he is not careful in the race.

A new rifle, called the Bullpup Rifle, will be available for players to purchase from Ammu-nation, the game’s weapon store.

The update also introduces the Mental State player stat that allows players to check what sort of players are participating in the current game session. The Mental State marks a player as either calm or violent depending on his play-style, allowing players to know if their fellow teammate is likely to shoot them in the back or take a bullet for them.

Other additions include new player toasts/celebration, wardrobe items, vehicle horns and five new Contact Missions along with 10 new Jobs. The High Life Update will be available next week on Tuesday May 13th.