GRID Autosport Will Support Linux, But Not At Launch

Linux install base is on the rise for the last couple of years as people are making the transition from Windows to the new operating system due to its better performance.

Video game developers have also started to take notice of this transition and are making their games playable for the Linux operating system.

Codemasters is the latest developer to realize the importance of Linux and has pledged support for the OS in a statement made on GRID Autosport’s Steam Page:

Not at launch but it is something we’re looking at and having discussions around. We’d love to support Linux, is a matter of when not if and for what titles.

The developer wrote this comment in response to a question that asked if they are planning to support Linux operating system with their upcoming title GRID Autosport.

Codemasters want to outdo themselves with the latest iteration in the GRID series. The developers are promising people that they have learnt the lessons from the previous games and will try to improve the weaknesses and utilize the strengths that have made the game so popular among the racing fans.

GRID Autosport is scheduled to release on 24th of June for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.