Goody, EA Will Announce Six New Games At E3 2014

Spike TV host Geoff Keighley stated through Twitter that EA will announced six new games during its E3 press conference. EA will hold the event on June 9, at noon PST, brought from within the Shrine Expo Hall in Los Angeles.

One of the titles we’ll be hearing more about is the long-awaited Star Wars: Battlefront reboot from Battlefield developer DICE. EA CEO Andrew Wilson confirmed this during their recent conference call.

Another title is shrouded in mystery, only hyped up by a recent mention during a Q&A. Eurogamer reports that the following was said:

If you don’t have a Battlefield in a year, you’ve got a hole there that you have to fill.

The way we’re filling that hole is essentially new titles along the lines of FIFA: World Cup, UFC, a golf game, The Sims and Dragon Age. I would say that fills about two-thirds of the hole and the rest of the hole we would assume is being filled by this new, unannounced game.

That still leaves a lot of speculation on other possible titles, but don’t expect it to be a gushy roster of all new intellectual properties. Knowing EA’s track record, the stage will be set for a ton of sports titles and maybe a shooter or two.

We already know it won’t be a Need for Speed game either, since EA recently stated that their racing franchise is taking a break this year. EA is, however, extremely positive about their recent Titanfall success, nearing a million copies sold during its release month.