First Month Nets Titanfall Nearly A Million Retail Units

According to NPD sales figures, Electronic Arts shooter Titanfall managed to sell a respectable 925,000 retail units in March. Note that the first copies only started coming off shelves on March 11, so that shortens the timespan even further.

Additionally, the figures are only measured for actual physical releases. That means that anything sold online, such as through Origin, is not included in the tally. It’s safe to assume that the game, therefore, pulled a cool million during launch month alone.

Moreover, Xbox 360 units aren’t counted either, since those were ultimately delayed until April 8. With the 360 having a much larger install base, you can expect a sizable stack of copies sold there as well.

Speaking of Titanfall’s reception and discussing the forthcoming plans, EA’s Peter Moore stated:

Our goal, quite frankly, is to keep this series as fresh as we do with our [FIFA] Ultimate Team and our Sports [games] and what we’ve done with Battlefield obviously with Premium. Hopefully we can continue to drive this franchise forward.

We have no doubt that EA would love to franchise more items with their known business models. For Titanfall, EA already announced via Twitter that it will continue the partnership with the developer, stating:

EA is continuing its partnership with Vince Zampella and Respawn … to bring new Titanfall experiences to players worldwide. – AW

“AW” stands for Andrew Wilson, the current CEO of the company. It’s not clear what the continuation means for the series, but we’re up for anything, as long as it’s more Titans crushing people.

Source: Eurogamer.