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Fable Legends Writer and Voice Actor Discusses Storytelling in Video Games

MWEB GameZone recently had a chance of interviewing Andrew S. Walsh who is a widely-acclaimed writer, director, and voice-over artist.

Speaking about Fable Legends, Walsh said that he is currently learning about the Land of Albion and he thinks that it’s a great project. However, considering the fan base of the franchise, he needs to make sure that he is treating both fans and the game world with respect they deserve, which is exactly why he has been playing Fable games all the way through.

He further stated that currently he is both working on voice-overs and writing:

I’m doing the voices as well. It’s very nice to take one of the characters you’ve been working with and given them to an actor, and then allow that actor to bring them to life. When the recording sessions are done, you write things in and fit them in and it becomes a partnership. You can fit things in with the way that they made the character breathe.

Speaking about games like Dark Souls 2 which do not have an immediate story-telling, Walsh said that it is always good to have an immersive storyline to engage players, but it also depends on factors like genre of the game, style of the story, budget, and turnaround time available.

He considers environmental storytelling of Bioshock to be one of the most compelling experiences of video game storytelling and that no one has been able to achieve it at that level yet.

When asked about his experience with Criterion Games for Need for Speed: Most Wanted, he said that they are dedicated people who know how things work. He also stated that he continuously played Burnout before working on the second Most Wanted.

Walsh has several awards under his belt and has worked on various titles like Halo 3, Prince of Persia, XCOM, and now on Fable: Legends.