DriveClub PS Plus Edition Trailer Explains Benefits of Upgrade

Playstation US posted an update about upcoming PS4 exclusive Drive Club that will be free for PS Plus subscribers.

Plus Edition comes with all the game modes, 10 cars, 11 tracks and one location (India). Want to play more tracks? You can purchase them separately. Not only that, you can also purchase modes, cars and upgrades at your convenience.

The concept behind the free edition for PS Plus subscribers is to make Drive Club accessible to the community to help build community around it. With access to all game modes, Plus Edition allows players to take on both standard Driveclub players as well as those who have retain version.

You can upgrade your PS Plus edition to get 50 cars, 55 tracks, 50 tour events and bonus content depending on which store you buy the game from. You can download it digitally or buy it from a retail store.

Upgrading PS Plus edition will cost you $49.99, giving you access to all the content of the game as long as you have active PS Plus subscription.

DriveClub launches on October 7 exclusively for Playstation 4.