Civilization: Beyond Earth Lead Designers Tease What Forced Humanity To Move To Stars

Since its reveal a few weeks backs, players have been wondering as to what made humanity turn to the stars in the upcoming Civilization title?

Civilization: Beyond Earth takes players far away from Earth, onto distant planets and the reason? “You’ll find out as you play” says Firaxis, the developers behind the game.

In a Q&A up on the official 2K blog lead designers David and Will talk about ‘The Great Mistake’ and the steps involved in writing such a story, doing research from works of geniuses like Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke.

“The Great Mistake is a mysterious event that is partly interpretive to the player. We want them to discover the backstory by playing through the game and using their imagination,” the pair wrote.

Kind of like every other Civilization game, interpretation is left up to the player. While the game will give us hints as to what the event forcing humanity away from earth was, it still does not outright tell us the details of it.

The June edition of PC Gamer UK also gives an insight as to what the players can expect in the game. Mercenaries, aristocrats, lifeform scanners, guns are just a few of the options available.

Players can think of Civilization: Beyond Earth as a spiritual successor to any typical Civilization game.

Rapid advancements end up in over burdening the natural resources available on Earth, thus the colonies look towards the stars for further growth and a new chapter for mankind.

There is no set release date for Civilization: Beyond Earth but it is expected to launch in Q3 2014.