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Anno: Build An Empire Announced For iPad By Ubisoft

Ubisoft’s city builder Anno has made quite a name for itself but so far the game has only been released for PC or Nintendo’s consoles but that is about to change as the developer has decided to bring the game to the Apple’s iPad.

IPad version of the game titled Anno: Build an Empire has been described as:

The game requires strategic planning to ensure players are weighing the options and consequences of their city planning in order to create powerful, successful islands.

Taverns must be built to keep citizens happy and stress-free, churches will need to be built to satisfy the need for religion and homes will need to be built to keep citizens safe.

You will start your campaign in the game on a single island where you will have to keep an eye out for resources, build new buildings and keep the population happy.

After the city is completely stable and everyone is satisfied then you will be granted an opportunity to create multiple islands, which can be used for trading resources.

City Builders require strategy and always keep the players on the edge. The replay value of these games are also very high as every time it is a new kind of experience.

So far, there is no information on the release date or the price of Anno: Build an Empire but it will be available for the iPad 2 or higher platforms with iOS 6 and Internet.