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Xbox One Exclusive Sunset Overdrive Gets a Teaser Site

Insomniac Games, the developers behind Ratchet & Clank and Resistance series have launched a teaser site for their upcoming Xbox One exclusive title Sunset Overdrive.

The site displays very little information about the game itself. Instead it promotes OverCharge Delirium XT, an energy drink found in the game world.

The site talks about Fizzco, the company responsible for creating the drink and claims that “Utilizing the power of xtremophiles, OverCharge Delirium XT is guaranteed to unlock your wasted potential.”

Of course, the company itself and all its workers are fictitious, but that doesn’t keep the developers from creating their own mascot Fizzie (who it seems even has his own twitter account) or announcing the drink’s launch party dates for various cities.

If you look at the dates and locations closely you will notice a pattern, they all seem to be coinciding with events like E3, PAX Prime or Gamescom.

Characters from the game, including Fizzco Executive, Chet Fisher will be making appearances on these parties. A few fictitious sponsors like Gilt Trip Jewelry Mart and a funny disclaimer make up the ending portion of the website.

Sunset Overdrive is an open world shooter set to release in 2014 although no fixed date has been announced yet.

Revealed during E3 2013, the game is set in the future where some sort of a catastrophe has turned most of the humans into mutants. Gameplay involves acrobatic elements like Wall Running and Zip lines.