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Without Memory Gameplay Will Involve Exploration, Interactive Cutscenes and Innovative QTEs

Dinosaurum Games, the Russian developer behind the upcoming PS4 exclusive Without Memory have released a new concept art of the game and details about the gameplay.

Revealed recently, it was already declared that the game would be a 3rd person thriller adventure. Players take control of a girl named Anna who wakes up in the woods with no memory of her life.

Gameplay will be divided into three categories, exploration, interactive cutscenes and action sequences.

Exploration of the game world will have players navigating Anna through different areas where players will be able to interact with characters and objects.

Interactive cutscenes will involve branching dialogues with other characters and quick time events. When Anna is asked a certain question, players will have to choose the answer using the touchpad of their DualShock 4. Just like any RPG, their answers will determine the outcome of events.

During action sequences, game will enter an “innovative quick time event system” which according to the developers has never been done before. It is intended to be something which the players can enjoy rather than boring key presses. Game will also involve logical puzzle solving and various side quests which will have an impact on the main plot of the game.

Without Memory is scheduled for a 2016 release and despite what little we know about it, it seems to be a highly ambitious and interesting project.