Wildstar Gets Open Beta With Tower Defense On May 8

It’s taken quite a few closed events over a lot of time, but Wildstar is finally getting its first Open Beta on May 8, 2014. Starting then, until May 18th, interested people can get a key and hop right into the massively multiplayer online (MMO).

Wildstar has been growing into quite the anticipated game by now. In hands NCsoft, publishers of Guild Wars 2, it also has some big shoes to fill.

At least, there’s no lack of content in the game. From the get-go, you’ll be launched into a world filled with activity and it’s brimming with a dark sense of humor.

After a small stint in a protected environment, you can start exploring the many different landscapes that Wildstar has to offer. Just about any action in the roleplaying game (RPG) can lead to some experience points that you can put towards new skills, equipment and so on.

Aside from action-heavy battles that require your skillful inputs, rather than just clicking, you’ll also be able to craft, explore or complete side missions for your faction. It definitely has that Guild Wars atmosphere, colorful locations and all.

There’s also a fast-paced competitive side to Wildstar with player versus player (PvP) combat in separate arenas. It complements its skill-based combat quite well.

For this Beta event, you’ll be able to take your character up to level 30, which also unlocks a few special skills and such. A Farside region also becomes available when you reach the cap.

Its biggest addition is called Galeras Adventure. It will introduce some odd, team-based tower defense mode to the game, where you and a few others defend a base from oncoming assaults.

Wildstar is competing in the MMO space with The Elder Scrolls Online, as both are large projects going for a subscription model. Wildstar releases on June 3, 2014.