United Eleven Football Sim Teams Up With Carlo Ancelotti

Publisher Nexon Europe is getting serious with its upcoming football manager, United Eleven. It announced that it will have Carlo Ancelotti endorsing the browser game.

Carlo Ancelotti is currently associated with notable football club Real Madrid, with whom he recently landed the Spanish Copa del Rey, after defeating archrival Barcelona 2-1. With the team, Ancelotti also just annihilated Bayern Munich in the Champions League semi-finals.

Some of the coach’s biggest accolades were performed with AC Milan, which was also part of his player career. With that club, Ancelotti managed to bag the Champions League twice. That’d be enough to show some skill, right?

There’s going to be an actual press conference in Madrid on May 8, where Ancelotti will declare what exactly the involvement with United Eleven will be.

United Eleven is going to bring the football sim genre to browsers in Nexon Europe’s usual free-to-play design. Unlike less graphically involved online managers, however, this title will try to put up some flair with recognizable player cards and so on.

Moreover, the game will take a page from the latest FIFA installment and use team chemistry as part of its team building effort. If you’ve been a fan of that, you’ll probably have a leg up on the competition in United Eleven.

Perhaps also a handy trait is that United Eleven will be compatible with mobile devices as well, so you can manage your team wherever you are. Granted, you’ll likely need an internet connection though.

There’s a Beta event for United Eleven that starts this month on May 15.