Pokemon X and Y Shiny Mew, Genesect and Arceus Were Sold on eBay

While surfing through eBay, we came across a couple of hardcore Pokemon Players who are making some decent bucks by selling their in-game creatures from Pokemon X and Y on the online store.

Although the listing has ended, but you can clearly see the seller was selling a triple pack of Level 100 Arceus, Shiny Genesect, and Shiny Mew for £4.00 and has sold 18 units.

The reason as to why I say that the seller is making decent bucks is because of this purchase history provided, courtesy of Product-Reviews.

Pokemon eBay

The seller ensures that the buyer will receive the Pokemon within 24 hours of money transaction by sharing their Friend Code details.

In related news, Nintendo has just announced Pokemon X and Y International Challenge 2014 which is scheduled to take place online from May 16, 2014 to May 18.

The registrations shall remain open till May 8, but only 50,000 participants are allowed, so you may want to hurry a little.

For extensive information on rules and registration, refer to Pokemon Weblog!

Also, if you just scored a copy of the game and don’t want to opt for the easy way by purchasing Pokemon off eBay, we have done a series of guides on Pokemon X and Y which will provide you with thorough going strategies as to how catch your favorite Pokemon and how to breed them effectively.