NIER Composer Talks About His Work in Drakengard 3

Playstation NA Blog has uploaded a video interview with Keiichi Okabe, composer of Drakengard 3. Soon after the interview was uploaded, Drakengard 3 team updated the official site with clips of most of the Drakengard 3 soundtracks.

Keiichi Okabe is known for composing the soundtracks of NIER.

In the video, he discusses his inspiration and evolution of the Drakengard 3 Soundtracks. Okabe works in a music production team named MONACA, which focuses on writing music for games or videos, taking inspiration from the elements of the games/videos like the environment, characters and the moods of the scene.

Speaking about his work on Drakengard 3, he mentioned that the game director had asked him to come up with soundtracks that, whilst in the same vein as his work in NIER, but unique on their own without hinting at his previous works.

Drakengard 3 is an action-rpg featuring hack-and-slash elements with aerial combat. The game serves as a prequel to the first two Drakengard titles and was released in Japan late last year on the Playstation 3.

It is due release on May 20th and 21st in North America and Europe respectively.