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Naughty Dog Hires Mass Effect Animator To Work On Uncharted 4

There are some radical changes going around in the Naught Dog Studios for a last few months, as many of their key employees have decided to leave the company for some reason.

Today, finally we receive some good news that someone highly skilled is actually joining the staff at the studio. The latest inclusion in the Naughty Dog development team is Jonathan Cooper, who was the animation director for the incredible Assassins Creed III and worked as the lead animator at Bioware’s Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2.

New job of Jonathan was listed on his Linkedin Account, where he has written that he currently works as an “animator” for the Naughty Dog.

In a blog post at Game Anim, Jonathan confirms that he be will be taking part in the development of the next iteration in the Uncharted series.

As of late February I am now based in sunny Santa Monica, California working with the talented guys and girls at Sony’s Naughty Dog studio on the next installment of the Uncharted series for Playstation 4.

He continued to explain how this new job of his differs from his previous works:

This job is very different from what I’ve done in the last few years. Animators are expected to build levels, code rudimentary scripts, and not only animate but direct and even star in the motion-capture – all autonomously with no production staff or meetings to speak of.

We will see how the next game in the Uncharted series is shaping up when Sony finally lifts the curtain from its title at this year’s E3.