League of Legends Patch 4.7 Delayed Due To Severe Bug Discovered During PBE Testing

Riot Games delayed the upcoming Patch 4.7 for their MOBA League of Legends for 24 hours dude to a recent discovery of a bug in it’s Public Beta Environment (PBE) server.

Posting in official forum, Riot Masima announced the discovery of a high impacting bug that was discovered on PBE which, after undergoing overnight testing, was deemed as a severe bug that would hamper gameplay and has forced the developers to delay the patch release by 24 hours.

According to the Live Gameplay Patch Forcast team, the new patch adds the reworked editions of Gragas, Kassadin and Skarner, Khazix will be nerfed, top lane champions like Jarvan the 4th and Malphite will be tweaked a bit to last longer in the top lane.

The Jungle creeps’ gold/experience output will be decreased as well as the Spirit Stone which the team thinks favors DPS junglers a bit too much.

The team also noted certain elements that will most likely be altered in the next patch: the Feral Flare item has affected champion picks with the team choosing a champion that can better use the item, and the item is seen as an ‘anti-teamwork’ item since it allows the jungler to ignore his team’s lanes.

Soraka and Leblanc have been deemed OP and will most likely be nerfed.