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Gas Guzzlers Extreme Will Get Two DLC Additions

Despite being a little older by now, Gas Guzzlers Extreme will soon receive two new slabs of downloadable content (DLC) on PC. Publisher Iceberg Interactive announced that the DLC is headed towards Steam.

Its first DLC release, called Full Metal Frenzy will be available next week. It will add a new female announcer, as well as a team skin for all cars.

Moreover, there will be two new cars, two arena levels and two power-ups. Game modes get expanded with three new things, though there are no details what these are.

Later on in summer of 2014, there will also be Full Metal Zombie DLC. Three guesses what it adds.

There will be nine different zombie types somehow involved in the racing game now. Perhaps it will take notes from Carmageddon.

Additionally, the Full Metal Zombie DLC also has a new arena location, a new car, more skins and a game mode called Defend the Base. We take it that you’ll need to defend a base, possibly from zombies. We’re creative thinkers like that.

Gas Guzzlers Extreme is the second edition of independent developer Gamepires’ vehicular combat games on PC. Its first edition never really made it to Steam, though it bears a striking resemblance.

For eye candy fans, Gas Guzzlers delivers some pretty stunning visuals.  It also has a ton of tracks to fight on, which comes with a bunch of weapons and multiple paths.