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Xbox Head Phil Spencer Discusses Plans For E3 2014, New IPs and More

After a few days of absence from twitter, Phil Spencer the head of Microsoft Xbox Division is back, bringing exciting news about the upcoming E3 2014 and the near future.

In a long series of tweets he stated that the event would be for hardcore gamers and more fan focused. In another tweet he also confirmed that they will be announcing new IPs as well as sequels along with revealing the studios they are working with.

Phil also said that Xbox One owners in Japan will not have to wait as long as TGS 2014 for announcements about some Japanese stuff in the works, instead they would be seeing some of those things being revealed at E3.

A few of the things he also talked about are listed:

  • There will be some good announcements Pre-E3 as well, most of them being in the May. So gamers could have a preview of what they can expect during E3 2013.
  • Microsoft is still working with Mojang to finalize a release date for Minecraft for Xbox One.
  • When asked about Halo 2 Anniversary Edition, Spencer revealed that he was under strict orders by Bonnie Ross, the head of 343 Industries to not discuss any 343 Industries IP.
  • There are no plans for a dedicated handheld gaming device from Microsoft Xbox Division.

It seems that Microsoft is fully geared up and ready for this year’s E3, hoping to avoid the bad press which followed the disastrous Xbox One reveal event and E3 2013.