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Dungeon Fighter Online – Chinese Gamers Sentenced to Two Years for Stealing Virtual Items

According to a recent report, two gamers from China – Wang and Cai – have been sentenced to two years in prison in addition to some hefty fines for the acts of cybercrime.

Despite of the all the cyber enforcement laws and cybercrime police, many a countries have failed to check piracy and acts of cybercrime.

The aforementioned guys belong to Sichuan, China and are hardcore Dungeon Fighter Online players. According to the report, both of these guys were practically out of work and spent most of their time playing the game. Soon, they stumbled upon a way which enabled them generate real-time money by selling in-game items.

The report further discusses how exactly this happened. In March, 2013, both the guys made a connection with another guy named Ma and somehow gained access to his Dungeon Fighter: Online account information. After that, they sold Ma’s virtual account and made over $6,000.

Both Wang and Cai got arrested within a month of their act and are now facing two years of prison sentence. Whether or not Ma received any compensation for his $6,000 is not yet known.

Personally, I believe it is a good initiative on the part of Chinese law enforcement agencies and all such things should be taken more seriously. With micro-transactions considered to be an integral part in most of the games today, such threats will continue to prevail until something is done. And this is a pretty good example!

Source: Kotaku.