Playstation Now Beta Leaked Video Showcases Loading Times, UI, and Controls

Although Playstation Now is still in its closed beta phase, a leaked video provides a complete walkthrough of the service right from the start till the end.

The video in discussion is provided to DualShockers by an anonymous source and covers various aspects of the service like Loading Times, Controls, and Connection Test, and User-Interface.

The video begins with the user testing out his/her internet connection which is quite suitable since the results read:

You can stream at the highest quality possible.

The user then moves towards the wide arsenal of games available for stream. Now, despite of the fact that the user has a pretty good internet connection, the menus took fairly long to load. As you can see from the video above, the title and description of the game appears first shortly followed by images.

Furthermore, before a game begins, the Authorization and Testing Internet Connection seem to take around a minute or so and takes up a wide chunk of the video. However, once the game begins; controls, save/load times, and gameplay look really smooth.

Judging from the video, it looks like Playstation Now is doing a fine job in its beta. Although there is some room for improvement especially in the Loading Times of Menus, but hopefully, that will be fixed once it will be available to public in forthcoming summers.

Check out the complete video above and let us know what you think?