PlayStation 4 Update 1.7 Causing Controller Vibration Issues, Fix Inside

The highly anticipated update 1.70 went live for the PlayStation 4 users, a week ago and with it came a lot of exciting new features to make the experience of the players easier and more fun.

However, according to a user on Reddit some of the users are experiencing a problem with their controller, where it stops vibrating for no reason whatsoever.

The user wrote the problem and then described how this issue can be solved temporarily:

I’ve noticed that by default my controller is no longer vibrating after the firmware update this week. I have to manually go to ‘adjust devices’, turn off my controller, turn it back on, and then it works. But after I turn my system off, it’s rinse and repeat.

As mentioned above, the solution will have to be done every time you log on to your PlayStation 4 until a permanent fix is released by Sony via an update.

Rumors so far suggest that the next update will not take as much time as the PlayStation 4 update 1.7 and will make its way to the console in next few weeks.

We just hope that Sony will take notice of the problem and fix it in the coming update.

Are you experiencing any problems after the PlayStation 4 1.7 update?