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Oculus VR Responds to ZeniMax’s Claims

Last Week, ZeniMax filed a leal notice against John Carmack, creator of the Doom series, for “stealing the firm’s intellectual property and handing it over to Oculus” Oculus responded by clarifying some of the points raised by ZeniMax.

In an official statement released today, Oculus said that ZeniMax had canceled work on the Virtual Reality support for Doom 3 BFG after Oculus refused to give them a ‘non-dilutable equity stake’ in Oculus.

They added up to Carmack’s claim of leaving id Softwre because he was prevented by ZeniMax to work on VR when they stopped investing in the technology. Oculus denied their claim that Carmack had stolen a key ZeniMax technology and given it to Oculus.

Oculus added that all of ZeniMax’s claims are false and will prove them so, they also pointed out that the full Oculus SDK is available online for all yet ZeniMax has not identified any of it as stolen code or technology.

The statement further clarified that what ZeniMax claims as ‘Oculus founder Palmer Luckey agreeing to using technology stolen by Carmack from ZeniMax” is, in fact, the “purpose and language of the ZeniMax non-disclosure agreement” which Luckey had signed.

The way things are going ZeniMax and Oculus may find themselves in court. Will Facebook back Oculus in the court or will they try to settle things out of court?