New Images of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Surface Online

New screenshots and concept art of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare have surfaced which shed some more light on what fans of the franchise can expect from the title set to launch on 4th November.

The images show a variety of content ranging from basic soldier exoskeleton to the juggernaut/mech armor from the reveal trailer. One of the images shows what looks to be the interior of a factory, on the assembly line a tank (perhaps the spider tank) can be seen while being worked upon by robotic arms.

There is also a concept art showcasing a VTOL and another set of images showing a standard ATLAS mercenary, detailing exoskeleton from front, back and side.

Another image shows what seem to be three soldiers or mercenaries in space suits. Seems like the space missions from Call of Duty: Ghosts (personally, my favorites from the game) created quite an impact and something along their lines would be making a return in Advanced Warfare as well.

The last 3 images show one of the good guys in different actions. One of the images has him being fired upon by a enemy and you can clearly see the dirt flying as bullets hit the ground.

The last image shows the same character hiding in a room with sunrays filtering in from the blinds (the level of detail is really nice).

The images can be seen here, with this recent influx of game information being released, it will become really difficult to wait for E3 2014 where we get to see some of the real action especially the multiplayer mode.