The Last of Us Getting Final Five DLC Packs

The Last of Us will be getting its final wave of DLCs this week, adding new maps, weapons, skills and a new campaign difficulty to the game. Naughty Dog released a new trailer showcasing what’s in store for the players.

A total of 5 DLC packs will be available, including the reclaimed territories map pack, situational survival skills bundle, survivalist weapon bundle, professional survival skills bundle and the grounded difficulty.

Separately, these DLC packs will cost $28.95 but can be acquired with the season pass which is priced at $19.99, but the season pass will only be available for the week of May 13. Owners of the game will also get a Full-Auto Rifle, a fully automatic modified burst rifle offering flexible play style, for free.

The Last of Us Multiplayer patch 1.07 will launch tomorrow in preparation of the new content. Naughty Dog plans on streaming the game’s multiplayer today on their channel from 12pm to 1pm Pacific for interested fans.

You can also view the stream from Playstation Blog.